900 Series Crush Hot Dip Galvanised with Single Parallel Squeeze

Regular Price: AU$8,789.00

Special Price AU$6,152.30

The Clipex® 900 series cattle crush is a great value vet crush loaded with features. It is of hot dip galvanized construction. It has a single side, parallel side squeeze and a heavy duty concertina head bail complete with chin bar. There are two head bail handles, front and rear, for safe stock handling.

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Regular Price: AU$8,789.00

Special Price AU$6,152.30


Vet section included

The new 900 series crush is hot dip galvanised and operates almost silently to help keep stock calm and move them through the race better. Weighing around 900 kg it has a sheeted slide gate, bottom doors, rump bar and full vet section. A 71 mm anti bruise rail keeps stock safe from bruising while being worked with in the crush.

Innovative Head bail

The headbail works with concertina style doors hinged at both the top and bottom. This one of the best strength to weight designs on the market, which allows the doors to be closed incredibly quickly. It also keeps the doors parallel from top to bottom, even under heavy pressure, preventing the animals heads from going down while caught.

Infinite Lock

The head bail doors feature a infinite one directional lock. As you close the doors, the silent locking mechanism prevents the doors from opening. This means very low operator force is required to capture and hold even the toughest cattle.

Safety Handle

The 900 Series comes with Clipex safety handles for the head bail operation. Pulling directly down disengages the handle from operating the head bail. This prevents the rear handle from moving while the head bail is being operated from the front handle and vice versa. However a unique feature enables both handles to remain engaged in the opening direction, regardless of whether they are pulled down or not. This enables extremely quick opening of the head bail doors from either handle in the case of an emergency.

Single Side Parallel Squeeze

The 900 Series includes a single side squeeze, based off the superior parallel squeeze from the 1500 and 2000 series crushes. One half of the crush can be squeezed in on an infinite one way lock while staying parallel to the animal.

Head Holder Included

A head holder, also commonly know as a chin bar is also included on our 900 Series Crush. After the cattle are caught in the Head bail, the head holder swings up underneath the head of the cattle using our silent infinite lock. The holder is shaped like a scoop with a layer of rubber to better support the animals neck. Just lift a lever to release the lock, and the scoop falls back down and out of the way.

Optional extras

Optional upgrades to the Clipex® 900 series include:

  • Front Baulk gates that slow the cattle down and make them easier to catch in the head bail
  • Front Adaptor posts that make it easy to attach Clipex® cattle panels and gates via pins and lugs

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