Standard Post Cap Insulator

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Clipex® post cap insulators are made from white UV resistant plastic for long lasting durability in Ireland’s tough conditions. Post insulator caps come in two sizes, suiting either Clipex® Standard posts or Clipex® Beefy posts. They’re quick and easy to install and have an inbuilt insulator in the top of the cap which provides the option of running an extra electric wire or tape.

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Designed for Clipex® posts

Traditional fence post caps inhibit the use of the top slot in CLIPEX® posts. These Caps are specifically to use with CLIPEX® posts, making them safer for stock handling. An inbuilt insulator in the top of the cap allows for braid or tape (up to ½ inch) to run through it for extra stock protection. There is an inbuilt clip moulded into the cap, that snaps over the pin in the Clipex post, preventing the cap from easily coming off once assembled. As such, these cap insulators are only suitable for Clipex® posts and not other posts on the market.

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