Plain Wire

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Clipex has designed a range of plain wire that is manufactured by Bekaert specifically for the Australian fencing market. Bekaert is the largest wire drawing company in the world and a leader in technology and process control with over 130 years experience. When you purchase clipex wire, you can rest assured that you’re buying a premium wire that’s consistent end to end and designed to last in Australian conditions.

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Choosing the right plain wire

The CLIPEX® range consists of 2 wire types. High tensile and a custom tensile called SuperTie. High tensile has gained a lot of popularity over the last decade and for good reason. It has much more elasticity than medium tensile wire wire which makes it much more suitable for absorbing animal impact and springing back into place. However this elasticity comes at the price of being less ductile, and likely to break if it’s stretched too far as well as being difficult to handle and tie off.

Clipex Supertie

CLIPEX® SuperTie is custom wire designed by CLIPEX® that sits between high tensile and medium tensile. It still retains some elasticity for absorbing animal impact and springing back into place, but isn't as brittle as a high tensile wire and will stretch much further before snapping and needing repair. It's also much easier to physically handle when tying off or repairing your fence.

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