Stayfast Kit


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End assemblies, are without a doubt, the cornerstone of any fence line. They carry the strain of the wire, impact from animals, whilst also having to support gates. You can purchase the best wire and the best posts, but if you compromise on your end assembly and it fails, your whole fence will fail.

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StayFast for the test of time

Fast and efficient to install, Clipex end assemblies do not compromise on quality. Built to stay fast for the test time, the Clipex system is easy to install in a mere 10 minutes. The 100 NB hot dipped galvanised strainer post is attached to a Beefy™ peg to make it easy to drive deep into the ground. The stay post has a 12 mm pin welded to each end for attaching to the strainer post one end and the base plate the other. Attach the chain and turnbuckle between the strainer post and base plate. Twist the turnbuckles to tighten the assembly for strength and stability. Drive the two Beefy™ pegs through slotted lugs in the strainer post for additional anchorage into the ground.

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