Clipex Post Strength

Not just any ordinary steel post!

Unlike traditional steel Y posts, Clipex posts have been developed with ground breaking manufacturing methods that allow the post to be made with even parallel flanges. This process guarantees a consistent gauge throughout, which gives a stronger strength to weight ratio. All Clipex posts have a strengthening ground level plate and below ground an anti lift device.

The Clipex post profile and high tensile steel construction give these posts a degree of flex unlike timber posts. This prevents the fence line becoming loose over time with constant livestock pressure.

Clipex Post Strength

ECO Post

The economical, ECO-friendly high tensile post that has been specifically designed to offer an entry level fence post design to suit the most popular hinge jointed stock fence, plain or barbed wire fence applications.

Standard Post

The Clipex standard post is a thicker gauge than the ECO post. It is manufactured from high tensile steel. Made with a unique cutting edge process, which guarantees a high precision product every time.

Beefy Post

The Clipex Beefy post is specifically designed to add ground holding and strength to your fence line, whilst providing the benefits of steel and the Clipex system. The profile differs slightly from the Standard and ECO posts as it has angled flanges. These give an increased surface area in the ground, as well as reducing any twisting.
The flange profile also increases the lateral strength.

We recommend their use in softer soils, high stock pressure areas, slight changes in a fence line or wherever you need to beef up the line. Designed to replace timber and concrete intermediate posts.

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