9/80/30 Tuff Knot 300m

TuffKnot™ wire is the toughest fabricated wire on the market. Available in heights from 82 cm to 180 cm, with a choice of seven to 16 line wires for spaces between picket wires ranging from 15 cm to 30 cm. TuffKnot™ offers a huge range of options, from low to medium pressure for mixed grazing to options suitable for boundary and stock protection and feral exclusion.

* Pricing is per pallet quantities


Over and under Tuff design

Clipex TuffKnot™ is the strongest fabricated fence available. It’s strength comes from its double wrap cross wires that secure a medium tensile vertical wire with an over and under design. This unique design makes it incredibly difficult to move the wires apart, preventing larger holes from developing the fence.

Up to four times the life

For added durability in variable environmental conditions, TuffKnot™ wire offers two options for the wire coating – Maxlife™200 and Blackmax™400 exclusive to the Clipex range. The Maxlife™200 wire lasts up to twice as long as galvanised wire. Blackmax™400 wire coatings stand out in the crowd with the matt black UV coating that is proven to last four times longer than galvanised wire.

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