Clipex Standard Fence Post

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The Clipex standard post is a thicker gauge than the ECO post. It is manufactured from high tensile steel. Made with a unique patented process, which guarentees a high precision product every time.

These posts are designed specifically for Clipex S fence 8-80 and 13/190 deer fence products with two rows of barbed or line wire, although not recommended, the clip centres may suit other wire types.

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Clipex Standard Fence Post is available for purchase in increments of 240

Clipex® takes the hassle out of fencing

Fencing is back breaking work, you want to do it right the first time. Clipex standard posts with their revolutionary Australian stronger strength to weight design, remove hours of bending to tie off wire at each post. The 5 slot posts do not have slots near the ground, and the 9 slot posts have a backing plate at ground level for added strength. Once the posts are in, and the wire is strained, it is as simple as pushing the wire into the slot. So simple a child can do it with minimal effort.

Packed with features

Made from a minimum of 450 grade steel, Clipex standard fence posts and clips suit all weather conditions. Riveted onto the posts with a 10 T press, the stainless steel pins mean no fiddly parts that need maintaining, and are stronger than a hand tied wire attachment. The clips sit well inside the post perimeter to avoid damage when being driven into the ground using a post driver. And, an added weld at the top of the post ensures it does not split when using a pneumatic driver to drive posts into rocky ground. Unlike traditional posts, Clipex posts are never thinner than 3 mm at any point.

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