Clipex Sheep Handler Fixed model

Regular Price: AU$30,000.00

Special Price AU$21,990.00

Packed full of features, the Clipex® sheep handler’s compact fold out design gives you three-way fully automatic drafting. With automatic pre-catch and catch functionalities including Iconix load bars, its automated anti-backing technology keeps the sheep moving. The Clipex® sheep handler is an affordable long-term investment that makes simple economic sense backed by up to a 5 year warranty and optional service agreement.

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Regular Price: AU$30,000.00

Special Price AU$21,990.00


Innovative ideas

The Clipex® sheep handler story began when long-time NZ farmer Robin Fagan built a sheep handler to reduce time and effort when working sheep in 1994. These were sold as Racewell handling systems until the company changed direction under new owners. After meeting the Olsson family in 2011, a unique partnership formed based on Robin’s innovative ideas and Clipex® manufacturing ingenuity. The result is the automated Clipex® sheep handler, capable of handling and drafting sheep while collecting data. The design focus on practicality and ergonomic comfort makes the handler easy to operate.

Work large flocks of sheep without missing a beat

Use the sheep handler to work large flocks of sheep efficiently without missing a beat. Fully portable on its own trailer with off-road axles and towbar, it attaches to your vehicle for portable flexibility. Three electric height adjustable jacks lower to stabilise the trailer at a comfortable height for the operator and the wheels remove easily out of the way. The Clipex® sheep handler gives the best sheep access of any on the market drafting up to 800 sheep an hour through the pre catch gate with simple anti-backing technology to keep the sheep flowing steadily.

Fully Automated Handling

The Clipex® sheep handler handles up to 300 sheep an hour with its fully automated head and tail access. Its full roll over capability for full crutch, wig and pizzle blow allows easy access to the front and rear of the animal. A folding tail flap swings away automatically when the table rolls over allowing you to crutch 100+ sheep an hour. The handler easily adjusts for better handling different size sheep, and has computerised weighing for three-way drafting. It is hot dipped galvanised construction with whisper quiet operation to help sheep move through calmly.

Fixed Sheep Handler
Product Code AH-SH15F
Weight 700kg
Catch & Tilt Yes
Anti-Backing Flap Yes
Tail Flap Access Yes
Electric Jacks Optional Upgrade
2000kg Iconix Load Bars Optional Upgrade
Hungry Board Optional Upgrade
Remote Foot Pedal Optional Upgrade
3 Way Auto Draft Yes
Rubber Matting Yes
Non Stretch Food Grade Polyurethane
Entry Pre-Catch Yes
Head Flap Access Yes
Can be Towed No
(Optional Upgrade available)
Remote Control Optional Upgrade
5 Way Draft Optional Upgrade
Warranty 1 Year / 5 Years *

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