TruTest XR5000 Indicator for animal weighing systems with 7 inch screen

Tru-Test XR5000 Indicator

The top of the range Tru-Test XR5000 series weigh scales indicators enable you to capture a wide range of animal information allowing you to make the right decisions. Use it quickly to identify poor performing animals, optimise breeding programmes and catch animal health issues. The Tru-Test RX5000 Indicator enable you to capture large amounts of data and see the results there and then.


Key Features:


  • Large 7” display with unique transflective screen technology.
  • Fast, intuitive navigation
  • Huge amount of data storage.
  • Simple step by step setup.
  • Ability to save favourite setups.
  • Water, shock and dustproof, IP67 rated
  • Android and Apple data links

Tru-Test XR5000 Indicator


Tru-Test’s unique Superdamp™ TruTest weighing technology has proven itself for speed and accuracy since it was developed 10 years ago. Combined with a rugged design, suitable for even the most extreme outdoor farm environments, Tru-Test’s weigh scales indicators have earned a global reputation as the animal weight capture and data management solution.And now we have developed the next generation. The 5000 series.


The XR5000 is faster to set up and access information. It also has more options to speed up data transfer and increased storage capacity. It’s never been easier to track the performance of your animals and make better informed decisions.

  • Store up to 1 million records in 1000 weighing sessions and record up to 100 pieces of information for each animal.
  • Range of features to calculate and visualise performance of individual animals or groups.
  • Up to 10-way drafting by any criteria.
  • Pre-loaded common setups or save own favourite setups to easily switch between jobs.
  • Calculate target weights.
  • Track, apply and manage treatments e.g. type, dosage, with holding periods, set alarms.

Tru-Test XR5000 Indicator weighing package


Datamars Livestock, the new free online software system for Tru-Test weigh scales will allow you to track and monitor your animal’s progress by turning weighing session data into an easy to understand graphical summary.

The system is a series of graphs which allow you to easily compare each individual animal’s weight against their target weight to ensure that they are on track. Along with this, you can review your top and bottom performers so you can manage them efficiently.

Datamars Livestock


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