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Clipex Fencing FAQ

We have provided this Fencing FAQ to go through the most common questions we get asked regarding our Clipex Fencing.

Yes. Clipex posts are grant approved both in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. For the Department
of Agriculture under TAMS and GLAS, for DAERA under bespoke fencing (*Permission must be sought from
DAERA before fencing)

The spacing between the posts will vary depending on the type of fence you are constructing or the ground
conditions you are fencing. Generally whatever spacings you have used in the past with timber posts will be
suitable for Clipex.

How do you drive the posts?
Clipex posts can be driven similarly to timber posts. In smaller quantities you can manually drive with a
sledge, there is a protective drive tube which can be purchased off clipex. In larger quantities you can use a
post knocker or machine. (*Clipex posts have the added advantage of being able to be driven with a petrol
powered post driver. These can be hired or purchased from Clipex.

No. In normal conditions there is no requirement to set Clipex posts in concrete. They are driven into the
ground similar to your traditional wooden posts

Yes, the clips in the Clipex posts can receive barb wire.

Yes. Clipex, in partnership with IITC, distributes a range of products into local Co-ops and Agri Merchants

The posts are high tensile galvanised steel and have a 30 year guarantee

We stock a full range of posts from 1.5m length to 3.0m length for all your fencing needs

There are many variations of strainers available depending on type of fence and of course ground conditions.
Our strainer options are also constructed on galvanised steel for strength and longevity. 

Clipex corner post with Strainers

There are special Clipex insulators which clip into the posts to allow the wire to be electrified. Clipex Fencing Post with 2 strand Electric wire and insulators

Clipex makes its own netting but also uses common brands to suit some posts. Please contact our team for
expert advice on the best Clipex product for your application.

Yes, generally speaking we have a post to suit the most common wires on the market.

It is practically possible to accommodate all netting on Clipex posts. Where the horizontal wires of the netting
don’t match up with the clips on the posts the solution is to line wire the fence with 2.5mm HT wire and
attach the netting to the line wires, similar to how you would construct a chainlink fence. Your local contractor
should be able to offer you some advice on this.

Our European & UK head office and warehouse are based in Ennis, County Clare in Ireland, V95 D592.

Yes. We use The Pallet Network and offer a delivery service nationwide

We accept all forms of payment. You can pay by card or cash in person /post a cheque / do a bank transfer or
make a payment over the phone by credit or debit card in advance of collection or delivery.

We hope your question was covered in the fencing FAQ list above. Please get in touch if you still have an outstanding question. 

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