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Sheep Handler Contractor - Approved FETF grant
Clipex All in One Sheep Handler

All In One Sheep Handler

World leading, multi-purpose, all-in-one Sheep Handling system, designed to make sheep handling safer, quicker and easier.
The Clipex® sheep handler gives the best access to sheep due to the pre-catch gate and anti-backing technology, the handler can draft up to 800 sheep an hour with ease.

The Clipex® Sheep Handler – All in One sheep handler is approved in TAMS grant.

• The peak of automated sheep handling
• Patented Performance Features
• Mobile Sheep Handler which is built to travel and increase productivity



  1. WEIGHT – Catch & hold ensuring accurate sheep and lamb weights
  2. AUTO DRAFT –  Auto draft up 800 sheep per hour.
  3. DRENCH – Drench up to 400 sheep per hour.
  4. NEEDLE – Fully restrained, easy access needling.
  5. MOUTH – Open front access for easy mouthing.
  6. DAG – Standup rear access.
  7. FULL TILT ACCESS – Full tilt access to operator height
  8. ELECTRIC JACKS – 3x 12v powered electric jacks
  9. PRE-CATCH SECTION – Dedicated pre catch area
  10. PREGNANCY SCANNING OPTION – Pregnancy scanning model available

Features & Benefits:


  • Trailer Integration: Easily mobile and adaptable to your on-the-go needs. Setup between locations is a breeze.
  • 3-Way Draft: Flexibility and efficiency at its best. Simplify your sorting processes, streamlining operations and saving time.
  • Foot Pedal: Hands full? No problem. Operate with ease using our responsive foot pedal, increasing speed and reducing manual labour.
  • Remote Access: Command your handler from a distance. Maximum control with minimum effort.
  • Load Bars: Built for durability and precision. These load bars ensure accurate weight management for the flock.
  • Top-of-the-range Weight Indicator: Accurate, quick, and reliable. Never second-guess your sheep’s weight with our premium indicator, ensuring the best outcomes every time.
  • Tag Reading System: Track and manage your flock effortlessly. Our advanced tag reading system delivers instant, accurate readings, helping you maintain detailed, up-to-date records.


The Clipex® Sheep Handler can Auto Draft up to 800 sheep per hour.



Drench, needle, dag or tag up to 400 sheep per hour.



With full rear access, the Clipex® Sheep Handler Crutches up to 120 sheep per hour.


Use the mobile sheep handler to work large flocks of sheep without missing a beat. Fully portable & mobile on its own trailer with off road axles and towbar, it attaches to your vehicle for portable flexibility. Three electric height adjustable jacks lower to stabilise the trailer at a comfortable height for the operator and the wheels remove easily out of the way. The Clipex sheep handler gives the best access to sheep compared to other sheep handlers on the market and due to the pre-catch gate and anti-backing technology, the handler can draft up to 800 sheep an hour with ease.


The Clipex sheep handler handles up to 400 sheep an hour with its fully automated head and tail access. Its full roll over capability for full crutch, worming, injecting, shearing, tailing and hoof trimming allows easy access to the front and rear of the animal. A folding tail flap swings away automatically when the table rolls over allowing you to crutch 100+ sheep an hour. The handler can easily be adjusted for different sized sheep and has automatic weighing for up to five way drafting. Its nylon bushes on all moving parts create whisper quiet operations to help sheep move through efficiently and stress free.



Automatic drafting: Using a weigh indicator, the handler can draft up to 5 ways. Add our durable sheep hurdles to complete your yard. 

Tilt table: After sheep are caught, they can be tilted over at the press of a button on the control panel or via the wireless foot pedal leaving your hands free to work on the animal.

Head access: After the sheep are tilted over, the head flap opens up for wigging, needling, mouthing, tagging and for access to the front feet.

Auto pre-catch: Automatically preloads sheep into the machine, which dramatically increases flow rates.

Auto catching: Automatically catches and clamps the sheep quickly for weighing accuracy. The catch position is also fully adjustable.

Tail access: A tail flap opens up for crutching and rear hoof access. When releasing the animal, it doubles as an anti-backing flap.

Also includes: Tow Hitch, Unique Folding Design, Weigh scale attachment, Electric Jacks, Optional Wireless Foot Pedal.


Why Choose Clipex 6-in-1 Sheep Handler?

Clipex believes in delivering complete value from the get-go. Our 6-in-1 Sheep Handler comes fully equipped with every feature mentioned above as STANDARD. No hidden costs. No surprises. Just a comprehensive, top-tier sheep handler ready to elevate your sheep management from day one.

Choose efficiency. Choose innovation. Choose Clipex

Weight 875 kg
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