C55 cattle yard with cattle inside it
Studman panel / hurdles measurements
Clipex C55 Cattle Yard with suckler cows
Studman gate - for cattle yards - permanent and semi permanent
Close up of Studman Man / Human Gate
Studman Man Gate
Link of Studman Man Gate

C55 Cattle Yard

The C55 Cattle Yard is made up of Studman gates and panels and the total area is 110m2 holding up to 55 cattle.

This can be used in permanent or as a semi-permanent yard and crush solution. Ideal solution for out lying farms.


All components are interchangeable and can be tailored to suit your farming needs. All our panels and gate components are hot dipped galvanised steel to ensure a long lasting system.

Studman products have an oval rail for strength and durability. Anti-bruising for animal and farmer/handler

Designed for ease of flow of animals with farmer safety in mind.

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