3 Way Sheep Draft Gate

3 way Draft Gate is made from Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel for longevity

Experience precision, durability, and ease with the Clipex 3-Way Sheep Draft Gate – an essential asset for efficient and safe sheep management.

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Key Features of 3 way Sheep Draft Gate:

Sturdy Construction: As its made from hot-dipped galvanised steel, this draft gate is built to withstand the tests of time and weather. It resists corrosion and offers unwavering durability even in the most challenging environments.

Efficient Sorting: The 3-way functionality allows you to efficiently sort and manage your sheep into separate pens or directions with ease. Whether you’re segregating by weight, age, gender, or any other criteria, this gate ensures seamless operation.

Easy to Operate: Designed keeping the user in mind, the gate offers a smooth mechanism which ensures that you can effortlessly direct sheep without unnecessary struggles or mishaps.

Safety First: The gate’s design prioritises the safety of both the farmer/operator and the animals. Smooth edges and reliable locking mechanism make sure that sheep are guided gently, preventing injury and stress.

Compatibility: The draft gate seamlessly integrates with other Clipex equipment, making it an excellent addition to your existing infrastructure or as a cornerstone piece in a new setup.


Ideal for farms, livestock handling facilities, and marts that require efficient sheep handling and sorting capabilities.

Why Choose Clipex?

As a trusted name in livestock handling solutions, Clipex offers products that are a perfect blend of innovation, quality, and durability. With the 3-Way Sheep Draft Gate, you’re not just purchasing a tool but investing in a solution that’s been designed with the highest industry standards.

Invest in the Best:

The Clipex 3-Way Sheep Draft Gate is more than just a gate. It’s a commitment to quality, safety, and efficiency. Equip your farm or facility with the best, and experience the Clipex difference today.

Weight 65 kg

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