Mobile Cattle Yard with Clipex Crush - Studman gate panel
Link of Studman Man Gate
Studman panel / hurdles measurements
Studman Cattle Panel detail right side
Studman Hurdle - Cattle Hurdle 1.8mm tall
Studman - 16mm Cattle Pins for linking gates or panels with race bows
Studman Cattle Panel detail

Studman Cattle Panel

Studman Cattle Panel

Studman oval rail for strength and durability. Anti-bruising for animal and farmer/handler

Studman Cattle Panel Features

Code – CP1204018
Height – 1.8m
Width – 2.2m, 1.8m

Weight – 53kg, 47kg respectively

Ideally suited to build cattle yards or crush races on your farm or out farm. Link together with 16mm pins.


1.8m, 2.2m

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