Yardsman Gate 2.25m

Yardsman Gate 2.25m

Yardsman hot dip galvanised Gate in Frame with new and improved chain and slam latch for an extra secure closure. This gate is part of our semi permanent cattle yard range.

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Clipex Yardsman Gate in Frame

This is our new Yardsman Gate in Frame. All yardsman gates have a new and improved chain and slam latch for extra secure closure for both animal and handler. The gate has a lugs welded on both sides – two Double Lugs on each side for an extra secure structure to your yard. The Yardsman Gate in Frame is also hot dip galvanised making them extremely strong and durable.

Yardsman Range

The Yardsman panels and gates are a new edition to our Semi-permanent cattle yard range alongside our Studman panels and gates. The Yardsman range has a high-quality oval rail with an improved bruising rating. They are hot dip galvanised with a 71x44mm oval tube rail.

The yardsman range has 6 rails with a narrower designed rail than the studman measuring 71x44mm whereas the studman 5 rail range has a rail size of 120x40mm. Both the yardsman and studman are built to be long lasting, strong, and durable. The Yardsman is a lighter product but still maintains strength to keep your herd safe and secure in your yard. All panels and gates are joined with solid 16mm heavy tapered pins making installation easy and efficient. All panels and gates are interchangeable to suit your needs.

Yardsman Vs Studman Range

Rail size: 71x44mm Yardsman/ 120x44mm Studman

Rail quantity: 6 rail (Yardsman) vs 5 rail (Studman)

Weight range: 35kg – 76kg (Yardsman) / 55.03kg – 104.37kg (Studman)

All Clipex products are designed with animal and handler safety at the forefront of design.

Weight 76 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.25 m
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