sheep fencing - standard fencing post
1.8m 11clip steel fence post 8-80-22 Sheep wire netting / mesh
Eco Clipex Fence Post 1.8m for sheep fencing
Eco Clipex Fence Post 1.8m for sheep fencing - sheep netting and electric or barb
Clipex Eco Fence Post 1.8m with 2 lines of barbed wire on top of sheep netting

Eco Post 1.8m

Eco Post 1.8m – 11 clips – suitable for 8/80/22 Sheep mesh/netting wire.

Sheep HD Galvanised Steel Fencing Post

Also suitable on beef farms depending on farmer fencing preference.

The Clipex standard post is manufactured from high tensile steel. Made with a unique patented process, which guarantees a high precision product every time.

These posts are designed specifically for 8/80/22 Sheep mesh/netting wire with two rows of barbed or line wire, although not recommended, the clip centres may suit other wire types.

When running electric wire, use Clipex Insulators for quick attachment to Clipex fence post.

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